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Before you move on to check our services you would have to read our privacy policies and accept them personally.

We offer lots of interesting services which are listed below;
  • Blog design and set up
  • Responsive template for blogs or sites
  • Blogging tutorials
  • Buying a cheap custom domain e.g from to, .net, .ng or any extension of your choice.
About Advertising On This Website:

As i mentioned in the submit guest post page that we promote businesses, companies and firms either by guest post writing or sponsored articles which would be posted to our social media platforms and also show up on google searches.
you can also submit banners which would be placed on our sidebars as long as you want it to remain there, and trust me when i say your business would get the best exposure ever on our website.

Banner Ads

Banner ads on spensdriod would last as long as you want it to last, that is you pay for the time period you banner is going to spend on this website. Banner payment are of two types which are per impressions or flat rate.
You can choose to pay per 1000 impressions or a flat rate.

Pricing for Pay Per 1000 Impressions/Views

Views means the number of times your ad is displayed on
300x100 ad banner = N1,817 ($5) per 1000views
300x250 ad banner = N2,544 ($7) per 1000 views
728x90 ad banner = N3,635 ($10) per 1000 views
==> You can state the number of views you want per day eg 30,000 views for 30 days will be set to 1000 views per day.
==> Minimum purchase of 10,000 views.

Flat Rate Pricing

300x100 ad banner = N15,000 ($100) per month
300x250 ad banner = N30,000 ($200) per month
728x90 ad banner = N150,000 ($800) per month
Note: slot not shared with other advertisers and can submit more than one banner design.
==> You can pay for minimum of 2 weeks.
==> If you opt in for 728x90 ad banner , you will get 300x100 version of the banner displayed FREE on mobile view of the blog.

Payment: You can pay via PayoneerPaypal, western union, bank transfer.

Note: I DO NOT refund advert payments once your ad starts running.

Blog Designing Features

1.  Get this blog's premium template at discount price
2.  Seo friendly design
3.  Drop down menu
4.  Responsive blog
5.  Compliance with google adsense
6.  Ads ready- Top, Middle & Below Of Article
7.  Recent post widgets.

To get the full price tag for the features listed above you should Click Here To Contact Me, and note that different features have different price tags but all are very affordable.Thank you once more for your interest in working with us.

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