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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How To Keep Your Phone Safe While Traveling | Best Traveling Tips


Phones have taken over this world faster than a storm. We carry them wherever we go, and they have everything we need. There is no doubt that they are the most important piece of electronic device that we use and they have made our lives tremendously easy. When we travel, they play an important role in not just keeping us in contact with the world, but also do other jobs such as share our data, take our pictures, guide us through strange alleys, and much more. since phones are very important to us, losing them while traveling would not be a good at all, so this post would cover the topic on how to carry phone while travelinghow to keep your phone safe in your pocket, and some traveling tips.

How To Keep Documents Safe While Traveling

Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, and it is a reality. We can never move an inch away from them, and we have all the good reasons to do so as they have all our personal data such as photos and videos, documents, critical information, and contact information stored in it. There is no way you want it shared without your consent, and you are always concerned about your data protection. However, when you travel you cannot keep your phones locked away in your drawers and traveling do make your phones prone to every insecurity.

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You have to keep your phones with you when you are on the road, traveling to a destination or wandering at any place. That phone is prone to breaking, battery malfunction, software malfunction, data theft, theft, and there are countless ways to lose it. This state can put you in a very critical situation and trust us, there is little you can do except to avoid it from happening. Imagine losing your phone with all those important contacts and your personal data, it is even hard to envisage that. So for this reason, we are going to share some tips that can help you know how to hide valuables while traveling and also how to keep your phone safe from pickpockets.


Best traveling tip

Before we progress with our tips, there is one thing we will love to share with our esteemed readers. Traveling can always be expensive for people no matter how much they plan to spend on it. They can also be misguided by information providers of airlines and travel agents about flights and hotels as there is always a factor of commission involved. People who control these stakes always put their profit first before the ease of consumer, so they always deceive them. However, there are certain ways to evade all this misleading information. Always book and compare flights at any travel aggregator’s website as all the options are in front of you. You can also find different hotel accommodation on a travel agency’s website and sometimes complete travel packages. So be wise and book your flights and accommodation intelligently.

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Tips To Keep Your Phone Safe While Traveling

Enable a security lock in your phone

People are mostly habitual of keeping their smartphones unlocked all the time, as they believe others will respect their privacy. This may be applicable to the place you live, your workplace, and even your circle of friends. However, when you are traveling you are in a different environment. You are least aware of the people living there and how they take your privacy. So it is better to enable a security lock in your mobile phone, or any biometric lock so that only you can access it.

Use mobile location services only when completely necessary

There are different applications you use on your phone that uses your location to enhance user experience. These applications can be for social networking, or to provide you directions. However, this information is sensitive and governs your privacy. So only enable them when you have to use the location of your phone. Nobody wants to broadcast his or her own location to the whole internet, so better be careful with it.

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Avoiding public Wi-Fi

Nobody can resist the temptation of a free Wi-Fi connection, especially when he or she are traveling. However, public Wi-Fi’s are always insecure and your data is always at risk when you use them. However, when it is completely irresistible, we recommend you use a Virtual Private Network or better known only as VPN. Checkout What VPN Can Do To Make Your Online Gaming Better

Keeping data backup

Whenever you want to travel, always make a backup of your data on any secure cloud location. In this way, if you lose your mobile phone, you will always have an access to that important data. Even if you are not traveling, you should always have a backup for your data on any cloud memory or even physical location such as hard drive or USB.

Switch on “Find my Phone” feature

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can always locate it with the help of “find my phone” feature if your phone has it. SO for this reason, always prefer phones that offer this feature, or download an application that offers the exact feature. You can also wipe off all the data in your phone so that it cannot be accessed by anyone who has it. In this way, you will have a peace of mind just in case your phone is lost or stolen. So always enable these features and enjoy a comfortable trip.

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 Final Verdict
By now you should have gotten the best traveling tips on  how to carry phone while traveling, how to keep your phone safe in your pocket, how to keep your backpack safe when travelling, cell phone security while traveling, how to keep your phone safe from pickpockets, keep your belongings safe, how to hide valuables while traveling, how to keep documents safe while traveling. Keep your phone at it safest condition while traveling by follow the tips provided in this post, and don't forget to share using the share Buttons below, thank you.

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