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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Top 20 Bitcoin Wallets


Who doesn’t know about Cryptocurrencies? If you are one of those who has no clue regarding it, then my friend you are far behind in the digital era. People are looking for ways to invest as it’s a famous saying “Never rely on a single earning.” Cryptocurrencies has created a negative image in the user's mind since it leaves no trace of transactions and governments have no clue regarding the money is being generated and what is the actual source of income.

Bitcoins, if considered, face the same rejection, but many don’t know that its future prospects are bright and fruitful. Bitcoins currently are a game changer in the Cryptocurrency as its making headlines in the developed nations. Keeping that in mind Bitcoins have gained much attention from cybercriminals as 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to $6,488.09. Now imagine the amount of bitcoins being traded and mined. Wouldn’t that attract hackers and cybercriminals? That is the reason users are finding to protect their Bitcoin wallets in case of any theft.

We have analyzed a detailed review of the top 20 Bitcoin wallets that Bitcoin users should purchase and use for their bitcoin transactions. But then again these wallets can also be tempered with as some of them are based online while some are physical hardware wallets. That is why it’s better to get hands on a Fast and Speedy VPN that will decrease chances of theft to a minimum, hence it will keep your transactions smooth by keeping your location anonymous. The best Bitcoin wallet is always what you need for your online cryptocurrencies, some of this wallet exist as apps and that is why best bitcoin wallet app is always needed. although some wallet are location ally based so this post would also en-tale best bitcoin wallet in usa so read on to get to know the best bitcoin wallet for android.
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Top 20 Bitcoin Wallets  

1. Universal Wallets

1. Copay

Starting off from the first in our list is the big fish in the Bitcoin Wallet pond; Copay! The name itself doesn’t sense or give a feel of danger, but it’s a universal wallet with distinctive features, why? Compared to other wallets that will be discussed further below, Copay is the only Bitcoin wallet which has the capability and is constructed in a way that it can run on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows. Copay is among those wallets which are carried and used only by the rich who can afford it and have multiple uses for it. This USP makes it stand out from the rest of the Bitcoin wallets 

2. Hardware Wallets

 1. Trezer

Among the first, there are hardware wallets that are the most reliable and trustworthy and Trezor is the best option so far to contain your Bitcoins. Trezor based as a USB device making transactions which are easier than the typical bank transfers. All the control of your USB trezor is in the palm of the user having full authority and control over it. Its reliable, durable, fantastic in nature and if you drop it in water; its waterproof and hack-proof. What else would you need? And having said that an LCD screen is situated which will show all your transactions before you accept it.


Unlike others, OPENDIME has its own USPs being a tiny USB stick and holding the tag of being the first ever Bitcoin Bearer Bond; it can be used as a standard currency note. It’s compatible with devices having a good integration generating separate private keys for each device. Not even the holder of the device knows regarding the key. It’s hassle free as the USP connectivity port is a generic 2.0 port which can be connected to any device including small MP3 players.

3. Ledger HW.1 

Having said the above Bitcoin wallets aren’t for the rich only, if you are on a low budget but still need a strong Bitcoin wallet than Ledger HW.1 is the one you need. It’s created on a small smartcard hardware wallet made for multiple teams and individuals who are in dire need of two or more wallets making sure that the wallet is secure and hack-proof.

4. Ledger Nano S

Among in the list, we have Ledger Nano S as it comprises on a smartcard hardware device being a compressed system on a USB design on a simple, smart card. What’s best it can be accessed on any device. Whether it’s a computer with a minimal setup which needs a ‘Ledger Chrome Application or on a smartphone. A 24-bit seed is generated and installed according to the need and has the ability to offline backup data while being offline. The most crucial point to be known is the “Seed,” which in 
case of a tragic natural loss or theft can be used to recreate the data from scratch.

5. Ledger Unplugged

As compared to its predecessor Nano, Ledger Unplugged has a wireless base hardware wallet, the size of a small credit card. But don’t go on the size, it’s security is as thick as a steel vault making it a mobile, strong piece of metal being carried in a purse or wallet. Since the size is tiny, it doesn’t get much attention from any intruder and uses NFC technology for communication, making the transference of Bitcoins much easier.

3. Online Bitcoin Wallets

1. SpectroCoin

This wallet brings in a lot of features to cater to all the Bitcoin wallet making it a one-stop solution. Users are allowed to switch between mails and the Bitcoin network smoothly giving a user-friendly menu and layout, and most importantly users having SpectroCoin can apply for an IBAN number and credit card making transactions more fun.

2. GreenAddress

This wallet is a multi-purpose technology allowing connection through Chrome, Android, and iOS enabling more advanced security for all platforms.

4. Desktop Wallets

1. Armory

Desktop wallets have their own needs, and structures and Armory is a good pick under its belt. It ensures a strong and extensive compatibility ratio that controls over storing private keys being used later on. The wallet can store millions of Bitcoins with the ease of having an easy signup process.

2. Bitcoin Core

Having the tag of a Desktop wallet, Bitcoin Core is the official Bitcoin wallet provider that offers more than it states when it comes to privacy as it does not focus on any date coming by external servers, making it an efficient Bitcoin wallet catering to Bitcoin holders. It needs attention that it’s not famous among the masses as it has more lags when dealing with large amount of Bitcoins.
Further, Bitcoin Core being the official Bitcoin wallet falls in the official umbrella of the Bitcoin client. Better privacy and smooth transaction, what more would a Bitcoin holder want?

3. MultiBit HD

Created in the US by a UK residing developer with a unique streamlined, easy interface with the trezor keepkey backing option. Bitcoin holders are fascinated to use it as it allows more than one wallet support at one time in more than 30 languages. Hence if you are a foreign national, you won’t have to worry.

4. Electrum

Electrum is one of those wallets which are tagged as being a speedy transaction wallet making transactions smooth with a click of a button having no lags and buffer issues in between. This Bitcoin wallet has never failed to ease the holder’s time. In addition, this offers a fast connection with the Tor browser as well as for integration with many platforms making the entire transaction process much 
easier than it’s predicted.

5. Mobile Wallet for iOS

1. Copay

Like mentioned in the first Bitcoin Wallet Copay is the market leader as it caters to all devices no matter what the operating system is! Copay has your back, it has the stand-alone ability to be available on platforms which other Bitcoin wallets have no compatibility on making users ease of access efficient and worthwhile. With a single account connectivity with several platforms making it much easier for people who are on the go.

2. Breadwallet

This wallet works better on the iOS operating system than on the Android as its encryption is far better with an advanced design to cope with the multiple thefts and data losses. Transactions due which are better than ever having your history easily checked, stored and updated with time to time.

3. Airbitz

Being available on the iOS app store Airbitz can be downloaded easily. In multiple regions its completely free due to the regional factor but in other regions it has a fee. Users need reliability and Airbitz offer 100% benefits for an encrypted and secure tunnel of usage.  Privacy needs to be the biggest point of contact, and it is because it decentralizes privacy.

6. Mobile Wallets for Android

1. Breadwallet

Don’t go by the name, Breadwallet is the one of a kind stand-alone mobile wallet for bitcoin that’s available on most of the Android platforms having an interesting interface. It’s mainly designed to ignore and withstand loopholes while physical theft is ignored due to the code signatures and a robust AES encryption. It’s the right choice for the Bitcoin users as it’s easily carried on your device.

2. Mycelium

Handling and using Cryptocurrencies is a risky task as it’s easily targeted. The only name that crosses one’s mind is a Mycelium, because if its HD nature wallet with the induction of sophisticated features that allows users to retrieve and send Bitcoins over the course of your smartphone with added security making your smartphone safe as well. After the encryption takes place, the Wallet gives undivided space and storage functions.

3. GreenBits

This wallet has created a good name in the Bitcoin market as it mostly caters to fast transactions which are a must in this era to avoid such thefts and security concerns while the transaction is taking place. It is a Native version of the previously known wallet GreenAddress that supports other hardware wallets like nano and trezor. Most of all it has at two-factor authentication built-in setup for a more solid security.

4. Airbitz

As for Android as well Airbit has succeeded to be a one-stop solution for anyone who encounters backup issues and seeds. It has a discount unlike others because if having an affiliation with Fold. They give 20% discount whoever goes to Starbucks and use your Airbitz wallet.

5. Bitcoin Wallet

The name suggest its made to store Bitcoins, which is true. It's also the first of a kind Android Bitcoin wallet. Being the first in the existence means it has encountered many loopholes but with time the newly created updates fixed them all. Also, it has an internal QR scanning code which is used upon.

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Final Verdict

Having a Bitcoin is a dangerous ordeal since the holder of it does not deal in a few dozen Bitcoins but it goes up millions and billions. While these holders take their time and carefully examine multiple Bitcoin wallets before they settle at one or two if needed.

While these 20 Bitcoins after a complete analysis passed on multiple levels and will suit the majority of the Bitcoin holders according to their needs. So choose wisely.

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