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Friday, September 21, 2018

7 Best Android Apps To Use While Traveling


As cool and trendy traveling has become, it has also become a frustrating job to plan and get done with it. Traveling has far gone out of the hands of a tour guide and sightseeing and has become a challenge to explore and opt out the most popular and trendiest travel insights.
Whether it be your trip to Germany, stopping to Spain and France along the way or taking direct flights to Thailand, when people are traveling, they always tend to forget to pack some things before taking on a trip. May it be a toothbrush, a pair of slippers or your travel adapter, something always gets left behind. However, there are some things you can absolutely not forget, such as your passport, phone and credit card or wallet.

Though to get the best experience a list of traveling apps have been provided in this post, which cover the questions on where to get  best free travel apps, best travel guide apps, best travel planning apps, best international travel apps, android travel apps, best travel apps 2017, best travel booking apps, best travel apps 2018.

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Best International Travel Apps


The most efficient way for you to pack for a trip is to make a list of travel essentials – a list of all the things you know you might need during the flight such as gum, a taxi to take you to your hotel or rest house, map to guide you to the places you want to see and some change currency etc. Just like packing traveling essentials, downloading the right apps on your smartphone will come in handy to improve your journey. Travel experts know the best android and download the best of them to ensure you a smooth and safe trip.

1. Uber


The first thing you need when you land and get your luggage sorted out is a taxi to get to your hotel. Now you can either go out of the airport and hail a taxi or you can call in a cab to your convenience using the free-of-cost app. 
You can take the public bus back to your hometown but in a strange country, surrounded by unfamiliar faces who don’t speak the same language as you, Uber is probably the best option. It will save you from spending extra money by tipping a regular driver or getting stripped by your tuk tuk rider when he plans your trips for you. You can just switch on your GPS, enter your desired location and you’re good to go.

2. Google Maps 

On your 3-day-trip, the last thing you want is to get lost for half a day in an unknown city. At a time like this, Google Maps is your best friend. It is known as the best online and offline navigation app that offers travel by car, public bus, cabs, bicycle as well as on foot. 
The map can also be used to locate popular places such as museums, monuments, restaurants, hotels etc.

3. Airbnb

Before actually landing to the city of your dreams, you need a place to stay. Airbnb is an app that helps you rent out homes and rooms so you feel at home in a strange country. The app also offers "Airbnb Experiences" that will take you to ride bikes, get cooking lessons, climb mountains etc.

4. XE Currency

With a limited budget, the last thing you want on your trip is to spend extra money on exchanging your dollars or euros. XE Currency is the best currency converter app out there that helps you save money when dealing with money exchange and their unfamiliar rates.

5. Google Translate

While traveling to new countries, the biggest hurdle is the language barrier. You want to compliment a Thai smile and ask someone for the best street food, you have google translate that uses machine learning to translate more than a 100 languages just by typing the text and phrase into your smartphone screen. You can listen to the translation out loud or read it written so you can send a text to your French roommate. All you need to do is get this app from the google play store and learn to communicate with people in your new location.

6. Travel Bank 

Travel Bank is an amazing free-of-cost application that helps you create a budget for your trip. While you can make a budget manually, you can forget a few places where you spent money and it is a time-consuming job. This app saves you from taking out your notepad after every meal and adventure. All you have to do is enter the amount you are planning to spend the trip and it will bundle all your traveling expenses together to give you a report at the end.

7. Sit or Squat 

With a limited budget, you don’t have extra money to spend using toilets or restrooms or waste time looking for one when nature calls. Sit and Squat is an app that helps you locate the nearest restroom. I tell you this app is the best it full of wonders and very easy to use, just get the app on your phone from play store and enjoy it selfies.
Final Verdict
The truth about every trip is the best guide line, having the best apps on your trip is the best guide line because it would help you save money save time and make you communicate easily. So before you have the best trip you should do well to get the apps above on your phone to get the best out of your trip. Do well to share this post with friends and family using the share buttons below.

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