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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How to Play PS3 Games on PC With PS Now


Are you a console game player mostly a play station 3 game lover and you want to play your favourite games on your pc maybe for reasons like not loosing your current stage in the game you are playing or afraid of ps3 console going off due to little spikes in electricity, then you are at the right page. Play station 3 console currently have the most produced game on play station so playing your favourite playstation 3 games on pc would be really great because you tend to be able to move your gaming positions at any point in time.

Now the big question is how to play ps3 games on pc without disc,  With Sony bringing PS Now to PC for residents of the UK, US and Canada, you're able to play over 400 PS3 games on your desktop or laptop and a steady stream of new games are being added to the library every month. so with this you can know that the answer to this question is to get the new PS now software on your pc to be able to stream over 400 PS3 games on your pc.

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In this post you would get to know how to play ps3 games on laptop and also i would be providing steps on how to fully get PS3 console game to play on pc using PS now, with PS now helps you to stream ps3 games on your pc without lags and any problem you get to also play popular play station games like God of war III and final fantasy.
This is the best innovation made by Sony so they have made it available for any one to get this software on their pc for the price of $19.99 (£12.99) a month with unlimited streaming of popular play station 3 games.


To get this software to run on your pc and to setup this up and working you need the following below;

>> Compatible Win version: 7 / 8.1 / 10.
>> GamePad: DualShock 4 controller
- Mini-USB USB Wireless Adaptor to connect DualShock 4 controller
>> Internet: Broadband Speed of 5 - 10Mbps

How To Play ps3 Games On Pc With PS Now 

From the requirements above, we can see that you need to have at least 10MBPS of Internet Speed on your Modem or Broadband since the game runs on Sony servers. This ensures you have the best experience playing your Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Games on your PC with PS Now.
You should know that the faster your connection smother your game runs, sony PS now requires at least 5Mbps, which means your internet speed should be above that in order not to experience lagging in game play. To know the speed in which you are running on you should visit or any other broadband speed testing site, to get the full  speed at which your internet runs.
If you have successfully confirmed that your speed is up to 5Mbps then you can move on to follow the steps below.

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Tutorial On How To Play Ps3 Games On Laptop

1. First you need to download & Sign Up for PS now.

2. Head to PlayStation Now site and Subscribe for 7 Days Free trial

3. Next, plug your DualShock 4, or the wireless adaptor,

3. Choose which games you want to stream

4. Now you can stream the game and enjoy it on your pc
Final Verdict
If you have followed this post up to this very point then you would have discovered that you can actually play PS3 games on your pc without lag or any problem. With the tutorial i provided on How to play PS3 games on laptop, you should be able to setup and play a Ps3 game on your pc with the help of the PS now software which enables you to stream your best games on your pc.
So what your say about the PS Now Software, would like to here from you in the comment box below.

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