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Monday, June 4, 2018

How To Fix An Android Phone That Keeps Freezing


Every android phone would one day develop some little problems, and one of this problem can actually be the android phone keeps freezing, this problem cam be so annoying especially when you want to use your phone for and important task. though you can't tell when this problem comes up, but i have noticed it always comes up when ever the data connection of the mobile is turned on or is in use.

I have experienced this problem some couple of time when i turn my mobile connection on, all it does is just to freeze the whole device for some seconds and it later comes on back to normal. though mine is not severe but i have gotten complains of android phones been freezed for more than a minute, and that can be so so annoying so relation to that i would be providing you today with a tutorial on how to stop my phone from freezing.

This problem can be solved in various ways and this methods of approaching this problems depend fully on how bad your phone acts when it on it freeze mode. so all you need to do is study the phone and know how long it stays in it freeze mode to actually know how you would solve this problem, but below is a quick tutorial i have provided from the prompt i have been getting from followers saying their android phone is frozen and won't do anythingmy android phone keeps freezing and restartingwhy does my samsung phone keep freezing, all this queries would be answered today with some little tutorials so read on to get the full details involved in this process.

what to do when your phone freezes and wont turn off

The general method is to remove your Android Battery From the Device (If removable). Now, if your device or smartphone is Non-removable like that of Infinix and tecno devices, there will be another option.
so when you are faced with this problem just follow the solutions provided below.

1. Hold the Power Button Till It Shows Power Options

2. Hold the Power button and all volume Keys at the same time for some minutes.

3. Have patience till the touch screen starts working.

4. Which is the last, allow the device battery to discharge



1. Press the Menu key to display the Android device menu, then tap the “Applications” icon to open the Apps screen.

2. Tap the “Settings” > “Backup & Reset” > Factory Data Reset.

3. Now head to Erase All Data and click it.

4. Click reformat SD Card Also.

5. Tap Reset Phone. Afterward, the device either reboots automatically.


1. Power off the phone.

2. Press and hold the Volume Down key + Power button while continuing to hold the Volume Down key.

3. Release both buttons when the Android Recovery menu displays.

4. Press the Volume Down key to scroll to the Factory Reset option. Press the Power key to select the option. The data wipe is performed and the master reset completes. The Reboot System option  now appears.

5. Press the Power button to reboot the device. Factory settings are restored.

This is the easiest way to Fix An Android Phone That Freezes. And this the best you can get on this topic, come back for more update like this and dont forget to share this post with friends see you at the comment box below.

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