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Monday, June 4, 2018

Fix "There Was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers" 2018


Welcome to the post on how to fix There was a problem communicating with google server, nobody would like distraction when handling some important task on there android device though distraction can come not only from a friend but also from your android device. The problem of android device not communicating to google server is one the problem that android users face these days, so with this problem on ground i have been getting prompt to provide a tutorial on how to fix this problem so if your reading this post in order to solve that same question then you should read on to get the full details.

The Error There Was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers android phone occurs especially when you are trying to use your Google App or any application related to Google. Now, this can be fixed easily and bypassed each time it occurs. There are many solutions to fix the error but it differs from different devices. so i would be providing different was of solving this proble so all you need to do is follow the one that works for you.

FIX 1: Couldn't Sign in Google Account Android

When these problems occur, you won't be able to sign in to google account on Android, so, try this method.

1. Remove any already signed in Google Account.

2. Head to Phone Settings and Clear Cache Data for All Google Related Apps.

3. Now head back to Settings > Account and sign in again.

This is first solution to the problem by following this you would be able to log into your device

SOLUTION 2: Problem Communicating with Google Servers

1. Head to Phone settings > Security < and Tick Unknown Sources.

2. Download any latest version of Google Play Services Online and Install.

3. Now sign in to any Google account and you can now use the app without the error popping up.

FIX 3: Can't Connect To Google Servers

Note: that this method requires rooting your android device so be careful with what you are doing.

 1. Head to Settings on Android and remove your Google account.

2. Download ES File Explorer on Playstore and Open Root Explorer

3. Use the mount option to mount it as read and write

4. Go to Device Root–system–etc–Press hosts file and “open in text editor”

5. Replace localhost with: localhost.

6. Save the file and exit

7. Now sign back into your Google account.

With this steps above this problem of cannot communicate with google server must have been stopped so just follow one of the steps above to get this problem solved on your android device, do well to share this post and use the comment box below to lay complains. thank you.

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