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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

EaseUS Data Recovery Free Download 12.0 + Review


Good day reader, i introduce to you Easeus data recovery wizard professional computer software, this is a very great computer software, this computer software scans and your computer for files deleted and can also recover this deleted files, yes you heard me right so if you have lost an important document or folder on your computer then easeus free data recovery software is the solution to your problem.

This amazing software have so many features that is of great help to computer users, one nice feature of this software is the ability to scan files and documents remotely on another Pc when they are connected to the same network. So if it is a business area or IT Company, EaseUS Data Recovery Free Version 12.0 will help you get those files easy and fast.

In this post i would be talking about easeus data recovery review free version, and another cool feature of this free version is that when your Computer Crashes and you can't load back your operating system, EaseUS Data Recovery will launch from bootable media to recover data you can't access, EaseUS Data Recovery is very easy to use and you will recover all your lost data on Windows 10 /7 /8 or even MAC, well that just the tip of the ice berg why not read on to uncover more amazing features below.

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How To Use Easeus Free Data Recovery Software

This is one of the easiest software to operate with, you don't have to do much work in other to arrive at your goal, so below are the easy steps on how to use easeus data recovery free download full version.

1. Launch the software after Download.

2. Scan the Computer ( Windows / Mac / 10, 8.1, e.t.c)

3. Now, all your data will be recovered.

Where To Download Easeus Data Recovery Software

You can download the amazing software from the link below, so just click on the link below in order to download this software on your pc, after that install the software on your computer and follow the steps above to successfully use this software.


1. Recovery of any Data or File:
Recovery any type of media or data file on your PC, be it ZIP, RAR, MP4 Or Folders, EaseUS Free Data Recovery will get them for you.

2. Features PC Data Recovery Wizard:

Recover deleted files from hard drive, external hard drive and SSD on your PCs, laptops or servers, or even lost and formatted partitions

3. Memory Card Data Recovery Wizard:

Restore lost data from damaged or corrupted memory card including memory stick, SD card, CF card, Micro card and more

4. USB Drive Recovery Wizard:

Rescue data loss on USB drive, flash drive, pen drive and other removable storage media due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, etc.

5. Other Digital Device Recovery Wizard:

Retrieve lost data from devices like digital camera, mobile phones, iPod, music and video player for deleting, formatting, hardware crash and other reasons.

Files To Recover With Easeus Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Free Data Recover will also Save Your Data from Different Data Loss Crisis. So even if
your PC Crashed, Accidental Deletion, Formatting or Computer or Hard Drive, Virus Attack or Ransomware, volume Loss or Missing files, you will still recovery all information you had on your Windows, Mac, e.t.c.

Below, you will see types of Virus or errors EaseUS Free Data Recovery Wizard 12.0 can recovery on any computer;

  • recover deleted files
  • Accidental Deletion
  • recover formatted files
  • Formatted
  • recover from hard drive damage
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • recover from virus attach
  • Virus Attack
  • recover from OS crash or error
  • System Crash
  • recover from lost partition
  • Partition Loss
  • recover from raw partition
  • RAW Partition
  • recover any files
  • And Other Case
Final Verdict
I am glad to tell you that you can recover over 2Gb of file lost on your computer using easeus recovery software, so just downlaod this file from the link above and follow my steps on how to install it on your pc and enjoy this software to the fullest. Please do well to share this post with friends and family using the share buttons below, see you in the comment box below.

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