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Thursday, May 31, 2018

How To Recover Deleted Files Using DiskDigger Pro Download Free Apk For Android


Welcome to the post on how to recover deleted files using Diskdigger  Pro, this is an awesome app and software that allows you to recover deleted files on both android device, on your computers, and on memory cards, this images, files and folders can be recovered even if they are deleted intentionally, yeah you heard me right, so you don't need to worry on how to recover deleted lost files any more both on your android or pc.

Are you finding it difficult to know how to recover files lost for more than a year, then am glad to tell you that with Diskdigger pro apk you can actually recover files deleted for more than a year on your android device, so you don't need to border your self about recovering images which have been deleted for a long period of time, all you need to do is to get the latest diskdigger pro apk free on your android or pc to help you out with that.

still having doubt about this Diskdigger pro app, then let me let you know that i have used this app on my android device and i can say it the best for recovering data, it gave me options to recover deleted images on my android device, i was even surprised to see an image which i thought i could find again so this alone gave me full trust about this app.
Note: if your device is not rooted, DiskDigger Pro app can only perform a "limited" scan for deleted photos. To be able to search for other types of files, and to search your device's entire internal memory, the device needs to be rooted. On a non-rooted device, the Apk can only recover lower-resolution versions of your photos that it finds in your device's cache and thumbnail directories.
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1. Recover Any Image on device or SD.

2. Recover Files and Scan entire Internal Memory if rooted.

3. Recover files like JPG, PNG, MP4, DOC, RAR, APK, ZIP, PDF, GIF,

4. Ability to Directly upload recovered files to Google Drive, Email or DropBox

5. DiskDigger Pro Free Download gives an option to upload files to an FTP server.

6. Recover deleted Videos, kinds of music and documents.

7. Scan all Files on Any Android smartphone.

Download Diskdigger Pro Apk Free


➤Improved support and compatibility with Android Oreo.

➤Fixed some potential issues when saving recoverable files to an external SD card. Previously it was possible to see "access denied" errors when saving files to an SD card, which was due to the incorrect usage of Android's SAF (Storage Access Framework).

➤ Improved ability to permanently delete individual files from Basic Scan results. It's currently not possible to delete files from a Full (rooted) scan, but this is planned for a future update.

DiskDigger has two applications for Android, Diskdigger Photo Recovery which is free and Diskdigger File Recovery which is Paid. so what are you waiting for, download this app on your android device and start recovering deleted files back on your device.

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