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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How To Convert DVD TO MP4 With Winx DVD Ripper 2018

The thought of loosing a DVD disk containing almost all your life time work is unbearable or loosing a disk containing a collection of all your best movies, though DVD has some little role they play but those little role are kind of outdated in today technology. As i write this post i tell you that almost every computer literate makes use of either flash drives or memory cards to store their files, so the use of DVD or floppy disk are apparently out of date.

So where am i heading too?? well i want you to know that you can really save your self the head ache of thinking about when your DVD would get cracked or when you DVD would even break by using the Best DVD to mp4 converter, you ca really achieve a lot using this converters, because they would really save the stress of spending extra cash trying to order a new dvd. The most interesting part of all this is that you can convert dvd to mp4 online using some of the sites that offers this services for free but i would not be talking about it in this post because to every advantage there is a disadvantage meaning that if you should use some of this free sites you can end up getting malware into you computer and some other virus.

Though there other ways of converting dvd to mp4 which can be by converting dvd to mp4 using windows 10 or Convert dvd to mp4 using VLC and lastly how to convert dvd to mp4 with windows media player, this are the various ways of doing the task mentioned above but the method i would introducing to you today is so far the best method of converting DVD to mp4, which is the use of Winx dvd ripper platinum. In this post i would be showing you how to convert DVD to mp4 using winx dvd ripper and winx dvd ripper platinum best settings.

Reasons Why WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Is The Best DVD Converter 

Winx DVD Ripper Platinum is 2018 best DVD converter, Winx has proven to be the best converter from dvd to mp4, because of so many reasons which are;

1.  Fastest Dvd ripping speed

2.  Digitize Copy Protected DVD

3.  Compatibility

4.  Clone DVD to ISO & Copy DVD

5.  Feature-rich DVD to Video Ripper

6.  Unmatchable Video Audio Quality and Flexible settings

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How to Rip DVD to MP4 Using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

As i mentioned earlier that converting dvd to mp4 is so far the easiest thing to do, because with winx you can do that in some couple of minutes, so all you need to do is just follow the steps i would be providing below in order to accomplish the task of converting a dvd to mp4.

Step 1. 
In this step all you need to do is to download Winx from the link i would be providing below
and after that move on to the next step.
if you are using mac then you should download this software from the developers.

Step 2.
Now after downloading the software from the link above, then install the software on your system and then lunch it,.

Step 3.


Now click on the dick like image on the top left corner to add source dvd

Step 4.
In this step all you need to do is select the dvd source and click okay

Step 5.
Now select the profile in which you want movie’s output. There are lots of options.

Step 6.
Now chose a desired location and then click run

After that sit back and relax while it converts your movie for you. And that all you need to know about winx and it converting process. so do well to share this post with friends and family.

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