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Saturday, October 28, 2017

How To Detect Or Check A Refurbished Android Device Using USSD Codes

                                  How+to+check+if+your+android+phone+is+refurbished+or+ factory-new  
Being a geek in technology has so many advantages attached to it, would i say ever since i joined the geek family i have got this confidence in choosing phones, it has given me the ability to be technologically inclined about fake and original phones, without asking i know you want to also be an expert in detecting original phones and that why am presenting this post to all geeks in the house which is How To Detect Or Check A Refurbished Android Device Using USSD Codes.

In this post i would be putting you through a simple and well explained tutorial which would enable you to know the big difference between original and fake android devices. Before we proceed another big question which should be answered is What is  a Refurbished phone?
Refurbished phones are phones that are picked out of scraps and repacked or redesigned to be new again and then sent out to the public for sales, the renewal of this set of phones are not from the manufactures it self  making it lack some important feature every android phone must have.

The funny thing about getting a refurbished phone is that you wont notice it at first, second or even third glance because this phones are packed up to look as beautiful as ever. getting a refurbished phone is one the worst thing that can happen to you, i can remember the last time i got one, it was like hell on earth i know how bad i felt and that is why i have took out my time write this well explain post on How to Check If Your Android Phone Is Refurbished Or Factory-new
Without much ado let move to the topic of the day.

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Steps On How To Detect A Refurbished Android Phone

The steps i woild be providing below works perfectly for android devices listed below;
Samsung, Gionee, Infinix, Tecno, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, ZTE, Motorola, Nexus, HTC, Droid, Sony, Alcatel, Panasonic, Oppo, Archos, Coolpad, Intex, Lenovo, Asus, Meizu, Yu, Zen, Zopo, Philips, palm, Elephone, Umi, Google Pixel, Acer, Wiko, Xcute, Orange, 02, Microsoft, Micromax, Nec, Mitsubishi, Leco, Maxwest, i-mate, i-mobile, Hp, icemobile, Eten, Gigabyte, Dell, Cat, Casio, Blu, Ericsson, Bird, AT&T, Benefon, verizon contract, etc.

Step 1:
locate the dialer on the phone which you want to use to check the refurbished status

                                              How+to+check+if+your+android+phone+is+refurbished+or+ factory-new
Step 2:
Next step is to dial this code ##786# on the dialer (also known as ##RTN#) and click send in other to access the RTN section of the android phone.

                                              How+to+check+if+your+android+phone+is+refurbished+or+ factory-new

Now Tap on where you see ”VIEW” just as seen in the provided screenshot.

Bare in mind that if the code above didn’t work on your smartphone, then use this *#*#786#*#* as an alternative  work.
                                                How+to+check+if+your+android+phone+is+refurbished+or+ factory-new  

Step 3:
 On the RTN screen scroll down to the "Recondition status", this status tells if you Android Device is Refurbished Or Not using the terms Yes or No.
now note that if the Recondition Status is Yes Then the android device is refurbished but if the result is the other way round which is No the your android device is factory new device.

Am very sure that this post would be very helpful to the geeks in the house, so do well to share among friend to keep information going
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