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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Top 7 Best 2D and 3D Animation Software For Pc 2017


Animation has gone so advanced this days with the help from the improvement of technology, technology has developed so wide in the aspect of animation, long ago when we all use to know animation to be in 2D form only, though the software available then were the best of it kind, but now the story has changed all because of the improvement in technology, making it possible to get animations in 3D which is so amazing, this software makes animation so real turning the impossible possible, not only making the impossible possible but also allow the addition of  VTX giving it a perfect outlining.

This Animation software for pc comes in the different forms, meaning each one of them serves a different purpose or are better in one way or the other and that why i would  be providing the Best 7 2D and 3D animation softwares for beginners.

The list i would be providing  below are the best of animation software, this softwares are different from each other in performance so chose the one that suits you the best.

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 List of Best Animation Software For Computer

1.  AutoDesk Maya

This i would say is a professional software, it conatains everything an animator would use for his or her design, this software comes with simulation, 3D modelling and so many more.
The software is a complex one so it requires high leveled skills, would advice all beginners that the software needs constant practice in other to get in hand with it.

AutoDesk Maya software

2. AutoDesk Softimage 

This software has been use for a very long time in producing profession films and games, it is also AutoDesk but the softimage version. This software goes a long way in helpping the beginners,you would be suprised  at how you got handy with the software, all you need to do is download it and start making nice work out of it.


3. Houdini

This is another mind blowing software for animation this software assist in producing computer generated images (CGI), with this you can make every of your work to be at it realest form.
This software was built by Side Effect Software based in toronto, and was used in the popular animation FrozenAnt Bully and rio. Houdini covers all aspect of 3D productions including Modelling, Animation, particle, Dynamics, Lighting, Rendering, Volumetric, compositions, and pluging development. Do well to get this software because it is the best of it kind.
houdini software image

4. Aurora 3D animation maker 

The 4th on the list is the aurora 3D animation maker, this software is mainly for beginners cause it comes with simplifies tool for any beginner and it is used to produced animated text, water marks and so many more. you can get the free version of Aurora so you could check the features to see if it goes well for you then you can proceed to download the stand alone version.


5. Blender 

Blender, the popular animation software which is the fifth on the list, this software has free source to 3D modelling, lighting, texture and post processing for VTX and animation.
This software can serve for both beginners and professionals, would advice all that are in love with animation production should think of having there hand on Blender.

6. Anime Studio

Not all animators are conversant with the 3D animation software, if you feel like going through the old way that is 2D then i present to you Anime Studio. Anime studio is a simple software to use for 2D animation and this software comes in two different versions which are Anime studio debut and Anime studio pro.
The anime studio debut serves as a free version of the software it has limit on the length and image size used in this version, while the pro gives you access to the full software.

7. Modo 

This the last but not the least, i present to you Modo, modo is an animation software that is based on 3D modelling and sculpting.
One intresting thing about Modo is that the software was built in such a way that you achieve a lot within lesser period of time, the software serves lots of purposes but it really help in joining both animation and photography together, and this feature makes Modo one of the best.

And this are the top 7 software for animation, guess they were helpful or if you think there are some left out in this list you can use the comment box below to add up your opinion.
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