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Friday, July 21, 2017

4 Best Ways To Unlock Nokia Phones Without Password


Hello followers, today i would be guiding you on a tutorial on how to Unlock  your nokia phones without know the security code, this tricks are cool, tested and okay to use on any nokia device, bet me you would be shocked to see how this trick works.

The shocking part of it all is that this trick can work on apparently all  nokia phones actually ranging from the old series of nokia till the nokia asha series.
I know that in one way or the other this post would be so useful especially in cases when your security code has slipped off your head, so i would try all my possible best to make this post easy and straight forward, but bare in mind that;

This post is only for educational purposes nothing more so It is completely illegal to invade one's privacy without one's consent/prior notice.

Steps on how to unlock any nokia phone without password

Step 1:

This method is the easiest and most commonly used by all, this step is easy and free. just follow the step below.
  • While phone is locked and on Standby mode, 
  • Hold Unlock (center button) Till you see "press * to unlock".
  • Press * and the phone should be unlocked. 
Note: Hold the Unlock button to achieve the goal in step one

Step 2:

I would call this method the master key method, because  once you follow the steps successfully then no doubt you are going in. this method is also straight forward all you need to do is copy the imei at the back of the nokia phone and generate a 10 digit master pass code from a site link i would be dropping below, then you done.

  • open the back case of the phone and carefully copy out the imei written there.
  • Now goto http://www.unlockitfree.com and click on "Free Remote Instant Master Code".
  • Enter the 15 digit IMEI number of the phone you wish to unlock and click on Generate. 
  • Copy the 10 digit master code generated. And use to unlock phone whenever you wish to unlock it.

    Step 3:

    If you use the latest nokia S series of phones then this would work perfectly for you, what you need to do is follow the steps below.

    • Turn On the Nokia device, and allow to finish.
    • While on Standby mode, dial 112 (Emergency number) and Tap the Green call key to send.
    • Wait for one (1) second and hit the top right "End Call" key to terminate the call.
    At this point you should notice that the nokia phone you are working with have been kept off balance displaying the Goto at the left part of the screen.
    • Now when you notice that quickly Tap Menu (center button). This should take you to the phone menu.
    • Repeat the step again but this time tapping the Navigation keys towards Phone settings.
    • Under settings, Goto Phone=> Automatic keyguard. And turn it Off. The phone should now be wild open.
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      Step 4:

      Am very sure the asha readers are getting trilled about not seeing there phone mentioned in the steps, dont worry this method is actually for the asha users, it works perfectly for apparently all asha phones, and this method is so far the most shocking method, would say it shocking because i never new that nokia could be so loose in letting that loop hole exist in there system, well as they would always say, there is always a solution to every problem, follow the steps below and be trilled on how you can get full access to you nokia phone without the password.
      nokia asha 200 phone

      • While phone is locked and on Standby mode, 
      • Hit Unlock (center button) followed by *. As if you want to unlock, but instead of the code. 
      • Input 911 as the code and hit the Green Call key to send.
      • Immediately after sending, Tap the top right End call key twice to unlock.
      • The phone should now be unlocked. And shall remain open till you reboot the Nokia device.
      This method is so easy to an extent that you would intentionally use the method instead of input your pass code.

      Having problems following the steps listed above, then do well to lay your complains through the comment Box below.
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