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Thursday, November 24, 2016

how to format a memory card using a pc

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memory cards are important devices in this era because they allow one to carry large data from one place to another in a small technological chip.
with memory cards you can transfer files easily from your pc to your android device or vise vasa,but in this process you can encounter some unwanted virus caught up with the transfed files resulting to the initial damage of the sd card.
This initial damage can be in form of marwell in your android device resulting to the so called virus on the sd Card, although this viruses are temPoraraly on the sd card and if quick actions are not taking in other to get them out then you should prepare to lose you files together with your sd card Because this viruses are good in nothing but just to render sd cards useless.the process of getting this virus out is called formatting.many processes can be used in formatting an sd card, which include the quick formating using an android device or the best and recommended way using a computer.
An sd card can be formated using an Android device if and only if the virus have not gotten to the peak of damaging the sd card, but if it has then you are left with no other choice than the pc method which is safe fast and quick.
so without much ado i would be putting you through a simple and smart tutorial on how to format an sd card using a pc

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NOTE:make sure  that before you follow any step below you should backup your sd card before formatting.formatting the sd card makes you lose data so be careful

1.On the home page of your computer double click on the my computer icon

2.right click on the sd card which you want to format,then click format

Image this stage you have to chose the file format
    - FAT32
    - exFAT 

I recommend you chose the FAT32 file format because most sd card are made to this file system 

4.ensure you check the 'quick format' box 


5.lastly,click the start button to start the format  

And that it your sd card is successfully formated 

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