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Saturday, October 29, 2016

How to use both mobile data and wifi together on an android device

Do you know you can use both your wifi and mobile connection together on your android device ?
Today I would be putting you through a safe and active way of  using the both utilities together on your andriod device, which can bring about fast download on your device.
Without much ado let go striaght to the point,
Note that the process would be successful if your device is rooted.

How to activate both wifi and mobile data together on android device

1.firstly, download and install super downloader from playstore to your device .
This app exist in to forms;

*The fully paid app in playstore
*The free app but have a limit of 50mb

So you can download the free super download app and see if it works for you, if yes!then go ahead and download the full version.

2.grant super downloader root permission

3. Make sure the dual network is ticked in the app settings

4. Lastly, copy any the download link of any file you want to download and paste in the super downloader, now download with full speed

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